Instafind – For the Curious

The @thecollageempire you won’t find only awesome collages. You will however find curious pictures and videos that prompt the mind.

To what? Prompt the mind to do what?

Well the mind firstly has to assess what is being presented and when done so it has to formulate ideas about its own interpretation of the seen. From the creative to the perspective, from colour to mind trips, to minuscule worms found in the sea that actually look like a cool cartoon character, @thecollageempire has something for all of us to get stuck scrolling for hours.

Digital Collage Art
Deep Sea Worm
An Actual Russian Spy Ring
What a Man Wants
An Extremely Cool Collage

Don’t take my word for it – take yourself over to @thecollageempire immerse and lose yourself a while.

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