Day 26 – Up In The Cloud Forest Called Mindo

Not much planned for the day, but the musings of everyday life in another country is always set to grab the mind and spin it in a new direction.

Mindo, is a sleepy town. It wakes around 1:00pm. This means we get to go hang out with the birds early in the morning. The hummingbirds are out in full force. I never knew they were so tiny. I suppose they have to b to support the wing flapping speed they show off to the world. There have been sightings of the Toucan, but they are elusive little critters. Preferring to hang out on the high branches instead of being a good chap and coming to say hi down where the common folk hang out.

I search for somewhere to get a hair-cut, but siesta time gets in the way so I decide to save it for the big city of Quito.

We eat taco’s from a Mexican man who has lived in Mindo for only a few months. He is a jovial fellow, single man operation and has not yet learnt the task of prioritising in the usual way hospitality pro’s inherently know how to do. We order drinks, he slips out to buy them from the shop next door.

There are two dogs that have made themselves at home in his Taqueria. One a mother, who recently gave birth. He patient and kind eyes win not only us over, but it seems they have won our Mexican friend over too. He rid he of her fleas, he calls her Blanco, he feeds her. He is not happy that her actual owners do not look after her.

We swim in a little too cool pool. We immerse ourselves in our books. We watch as the clouds live up to their promise and continue to roll in.

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