Zen Shit & The Home Boy

Universal Words From The Street What do you get when an Aussie Zen Gypsy Nomad Princess crosses paths with a South Side Chicagoan exiled to Schenectady, NY? Words. Squirmy words dipped into poetry and pinned down onto postcards scattered throughout the world. Words Elizabeth meditated on, chanted over, and transformed into physical being. Words Donna […]

Loneliness Doesn’t Always Have To Be Negative

To be completely alone demands extraordinary sensitivity, intelligence, understanding. – Jiddu Krishnamurti   It happened to me. I expect it has, or will, happen to each of you too. The feeling of being completely and utterly alone on a planet of over six billion people. If you are like me you will pretend the ache […]

Sky Blue

Day 19 NaPoWriMo – time to fall …