The Street Art Of La Paz, Bolivia

Besides the usual tourist attractions like the Witches Markets and the Mi Teleferico La Paz is a great city to wander the streets and hills to check out the Street Art. Take a look at some recent works.                    

Day 17 – Our Dog Posse, Quechuan Band And En Route From Copacabana To Peru

With number one son recovered from an intense 24hour bout of food poisoning, we take it easy around Copacabana today. Opting for a walk along the shoreline of the main bay of Copacabana away from the main tourist area, we quickly realise we are bringing with us our very own posse. Three supremely handsome stray […]

Day 14 – El Alto

It is quite extraordinary to think La Paz has a little brother literally right next door. If you catch the red cable car line (which ascend rapidly up and over the mountain), you will be plonked on the door step to El Alto. A few interesting facts about El Alto include; today it is a […]

Day 13 – The Streets Of La Paz

There is nothing like getting to know a city by walking the streets. Today we walked up and down many hills in search of La Paz landmarks. First stop a juice market where drinking yoghurt and fruit in cups were on the menu. I tried a sticky pastry Bolivian style for 3 boliviano’s. I tried […]

Day 10 – Salar De Uyuni – Salt Flats Of Bolivia

Ronald, our driver, wants to leave early today. There are judicial elections being held in the area which means the towns close down. No car usuage, no business, nothing. It’s like a public holiday of twenty years back. You go to vote – it’s compulsory. That’s all you do. If you are caught driving you […]