Three Poems On The Darkness Of Sex

Like everything on this planet, if you really want to get to know yourself and your surroundings better, if you wish to have a deeper understanding of life itself you must sink right in and experience every aspect even the dark side. Don’t be scared for we have it ALL within us.

Once you have the experience you can observe and move on. Sex is natural and it’s the best place to start.


Not So Simple Extraction

you gorge yourself
in my heat
and yet

even when satiated
falls limp
like the aftermath
of your deep thrusts

you don’t like to see me shine
don’t know how to harness my divine
your jealousy knocks the breath from
my lungs as I land against the wall

and yet
you flatter me
your pull is stronger than my push

we languish in tiny moments
lasting long enough to keep me
by your side
short enough to
remind me of the door

and yet
the leather chokes
I fade to black
waking to find you
panting, relived, finished

confusion prevails
as you rise my own heat

you gorge yourself
leaving me in my own
tiny moment of ecstasy



The Final Exhale

will only have the desired effect
for a short time

I’ll either end up dead
or you shall control me for
the lengths of my inhibited

then what?

this game you play
it is not love
but darling
trying to control
a woman unbound
serves no purpose
in in the everywhen

transient beings
take transient shapes
and as the last breath drains
she’s already moved on

this game you play
it is not love
but darling
trying to control
the everywhen is like taming
a typhoon with a lasso
she is the everywhen
she knows it
you’ve yet to grasp the ungraspable

imprint of force
feeds your own diseased ego
what for?
what darkness do you need to explore?
are the lessons being served?

as you release me and I draw
life wielding breath
are you too released?

choose wisely your counterpart

for some of us are ready to die

are you brave enough for the consequences?



Too Close

space between us
became less
as you unfurled in my reality
and I unveiled myself in yours

magnetised by moments shared
separation became a tedious task of
passing moments without you

time spent best was together


the rapidity in falling
deep, so deep within all of you
was not noticed as together we spiralled
into our very own slipstream

nothing was impossible
when we were together

was it too fast?

we didn’t notice the crack

you screamed as your large hand
wrapped my neck
pinning me to the wall
wet eyes
breath lost
you crushed at my throat

the same passion you once converted into love
now beat me silently through your psychotic eyes

you raised a hand
in a fist of fury
I resigned to my fate

did you read something in my eyes
when you allowed the moment to pass?

fist dropped in defeat
you step away

I love you
you don’t scare me
I love you

too close
we almost toppled

please can I have some more

I never wanted to
step back and breathe





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