What to do with Piggy-Backers of Your Strength

There are certain times I feel like the great leader I am destined to be. Other times I am the soldier sent into battle which causes a flux. I am no mans soldier – unless he or she who is sending me in is called ‘Collective Humanity’.

Only just recently I have come to realise I am being sent in to battle by those who lack the fortitude to take on the battle them-self.

With years of not only business experience, life experience and innate experience I know I am one of the strong ones. If I see there is something wrong I know I have to fix it.  I fight tooth and nail and no, I never ever give up. From people being treated unfairly, to system breakdowns in the workplace to family arguments I am generally the one to put my hand up to either create change, or find resolve.

Going into battle for my own perspective and good intentions is one thing, I already have a very clear understanding in my mind as to why I am heading in in the first place. But being sent into battle by someone else is completely another ball game entirely. Do we ever truly know somebody else’s intentions? And if we cannot know their intentions truly, why would we ever take on their fight for ourselves. 

It is not only tough, it is also energy zapping.

How does one seperate the ideal of helping another person to, taking the challenge of another person to have the on-flowing effect to know you are helping them too? 

That’s where I have been hanging out lately. Mid battlefield, looking left and right and wondering which is the right way out. 

Being a huge believer of learning and growing to create a better inner awareness here’s what I have come up with. 


I was raised to be strong. I have my parents to thank for that. Us kids were taught from a young age there are no handouts and anything you want in life you will have to earn it yourself. It was just the way it was done. 

Something has become a lot more apparent as I grow older. Not everyone was raised the same way as I was. My father often gave me lectures of right and wrong and standing up for what I believe in. These lectures sunk deep inside and even now those words pump through my system daily. 

Not everyone is strong. They may never have been taught to become strong. By acting as their soldier and going into battle for them, they may never have the opportunity to become strong. In effect I am stunting their own personal growth and awareness.

I already have the headstrong attitude, experience, personal wisdom and insight on offer. My job must be to teach them to take on the battle themselves. 

People generally don’t like to face their own fears. 

I learnt some time ago, that walking through my own fears is the single building block to my own inner strength. Walking through your own fears should be an everyday practise. Fear numbs, walking through fear builds strength. 

This is the starting point. Show people first hand how to come face to face with their own fear.

Winning battles offers great glory. Teaching others how to win battles is the best kind of glory because only you will know what you have done.

Short term outcomes will be just that, short term. 

This is a great reminder for me to step back and see the bigger picture to find an even bigger and better resolution for all.

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