Take No Hold

cast out to the rough seas in the everywhen

our love story only ever fleeting,
zenith in the tempest storm,

rallying and riling holds no key,
all that comes together, falls apart,

stormy weather cleanses hearts,
leaves one gasping for sweet more
the weather does pass,

the new breeze manipulates a soft touch
catches hold,
tickling in presence,

alas a moment,
fleeting splash, erupting forth from
rapids of eternity –
rough waters pass,
nothing ever lasts

tilt your head, watch the stars
inhale the allness of the everywhen,
it’s you,
it’s all you,
oh yes, I’m in there too

open your heart so wide
nothing can ever take hold
in your crevasse of all encompassing
cold winds chill,
the breath, love and life, warms
transient in exhale,
never catching a snag,
it’s you,
it’s all of you

nectars drip, satiate every sense,
in an overflowing cup of abundance,
drop the fear,
take it,
it was always yours to grasp
it’s the essence of you
take it, understand it,
let it go
you – – –

3 thoughts on “Take No Hold”

  1. TAKE NO HOLD 🙂 Take no holds. Be bold. Let your intuition unfold like a blanket. So you can shine like a diamond in the rough. Letting all your admirers know how you strut your stuff,as one of the best poet’s that’s out here in this world,showing it. BY:”JEFFERY WILLIAMS “POETIC LOVE “

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