Strip Yourself Bare

Well, it’s April – which means it’s Poetry Month. To kick it off I am sharing a poem that I do hope offers some inspiration. Simply a reminder that it is us, ourselves who chooses to put limitations on ourselves. We must surpass our fears, reach beyond the limitations if we ever have a chance of knowing true freedom.

Strip Yourself Bare

Imagine yourself locked tight in a jar,

it’s dark all about, you’re not sure where you are.

A door is left open,

bringing enveloping light,

your eyes open slowly,

you experience first sight.

Craving for more, you twist off the lid.

gasping the new air,

the jar you now rid.

Even thought you were locked in that jar

you felt safe and secure.

This new realm you’ve entered seems rather obscure.

You were tucked away tightly,

there was nothing to fear.

But – you are out in the world now,

the far is now near.

Concerns start nibbling right into your being.

Many questions arise, consumed by all you are seeing,

back away slowly, re-enter the jar where all’s known

but wait – you’re too big now,

you’re being has grown.

Stop, wait, examine and breathe,

why makes you so scared?

With all this conditioning,

are we not taught to prepare?

Yet we still run, we don’t face the fight..

But –

if this life’s all we have we need to learn to take flight.

Strip off your fears,

throw worry to the earth,

embrace naked soul

now, for the sake of life’s worth.

I will tell you a secret,

it’s about being free,

when you strip a little each day,

you become get lighter you see.

And when you are lighter,

you allow more light to flow through,

that’s when you feel the universe,

already in you….

Feel yourself melt,

see all as one.

float in the river,

that connects everyone.

Laugh in the face,

of funny misconceptions,

built up through your life,

all a deception.

Nothing you fear now,

nothing you need,

stripped yourself bare,

to the original seed.

Hold fast friend, hold steady

the rewards, not easy to see

they will come, they will come,

to those who are free.


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