What Happens to the Yes Men Sadhguru?

I ask myself and others the question ‘why in the workplace are there YES MEN?’ Meaning, why do people, instead of taking the hard road, always say ‘Yes, yes, yes’ to their bosses, even when they know what is being asked is either wrong or the disagree with ‘yes boss!’ 

How can the YES MEN go home each night to their children and teach them to be brave, unique and strong in this world? How can the YES MEN be happy within themselves knowing they are selling their own should to another human being at a price too cheap?

The question perplexed me so much until I was listening to Sadhguru and an answer of thoughts was given. Not a direct answer, but one that allows me to keep on moving and not worrying about those I have no control over. 

Sadhguru said, ‘Can I tell a joke?’

On a certain day, a bull and a pheasant were grazing. The bull was stomping the grass the pheasant was picking ticks off the bull pard. There was a huge tree at the edge of the field. The pheasant looked at the tree very nostalgically looked at the tree and said, ‘Oh alas, there was a time when I could fly to the topmost branch or the tree, now I do not have enough strength in my wing even to get to the first branch.’

The bull very nonchalantly said, ‘that’s no issue, just eat a little bit of my dung every day, within a fortnight you will get there.’ 

The pheasant said, ‘Come on, what kind of rubbish is that.’

The bull said, ‘Really, try and see the whole humanities on it.’

So very hesitantly, the pheasant started pecking at the dung and lo, on the very first day it reached the first branch of the tree. Within a fortnight, it reached the topmost branch of the tree. Just beginning to enjoy the scenery. 

An old farmer was rocking on his rocking chair saw a fat old pheasant sitting on top of the tree, he pulled out his shotgun and shot the bird off the tree.

The moral of the story is, ‘Many times even bullshit can get you to the top, but it never let’s you stay there.’

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