Running Bare Through The Galaxy With Words – Savanna Ronco

In the physical, Savanna Ronco (@savannaronco) is young, fresh faced, sprightly eyed and bounces her way through the day to day with pizazz and her own exuberant style.  In the everything that is ‘not physical’ Savanna runs deep into the river of life, where she stays and plays and swims a while. Frollicking with galaxies and flirting with the stars. When Savanna finally pops back out of the liquid eternal, and into this life, she writes little snippets of truths she has gathered from her many adventures.

Her poetry is best read while on the train, sitting lazily in the sun, or chasing moments of you. her words will gently slap you (if you allow it of course) in the face and remind us all that yes, this could very well be it, the time to live – right now! And so it is, after reading her offerings to the universe we can all readjust, realign and head right back out on the track leading right to wherever it may be that our hearts desire.

I hope you enjoy the poetry of Savanna Ronco as much as I enjoy the refreshing slap on the face back into the reality if each moment. Rumour has it she is writing a manuscript – I cannot even begin to imagine the sumptuous offerings of the eternal she will bring back to us and share.









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8 thoughts on “Running Bare Through The Galaxy With Words – Savanna Ronco”

  1. Oh yes … It’s true … We exude a lot of what could be wasted time and emotion on the things getting in the way and distracting us from the ultimate goal … Most thought are still unsure of what the ultimate goal is … It eludes, stays hidden and oftentimes the glimpse we get doesn’t linger too long … And then alas, we get distracted once more … Your thoughts have bought me back on track … Cheers for that X

    1. Ah. On a path, huh? Good. I had my own and learned a lot of weird laws and about the interrelations and connections between seemingly disconnected things, and I now see these processes functioning all around me, inside me, and in the seemingly willful actions of people near and far, and sometimes when I remain quiet in my bed during sunlit mornings listening to the excited warble of birds in the trees outside my window, to the swift forward march of children as they chatter as expectantly about others at school and of the coming day, to the mechanical droning of cars racing to another mechanical day on asphalt capillaries connected to large veins leading to and through huge urban centers coordinated by their statewide command posts directed by a single federal brain. Lol. I then get this insane unification of the planets, the sun, the galaxies and the whole damned universe. I feel at blissful peace, for a moment…and then I fall asleep again. Oh, well.

  2. We are each as alone in the universe and I can prove my own existence only to myself, while everyone else I come in contact with and imagine to exist may simply be elements of my own personal reality where all social and organized group interactions may be internal functions of my personal reality providing me with “perceived” physical products manufactured for what I have convinced myself were created for “everyone” in my universe when, in fact, there is no one but me. What I don’t have is an illusion of what I don’t need, anyway. Everyone I see, interact with and meet may be subconscious parts of myself trying to tell me something, like and including fictional characters in a play, movie, comic book or novel… Or maybe I don’t exist for anyone but me, like an astral being trapped in limbo. That seems to be the way things are for me at the moment. 🙂

    1. Well that right there one can spend a lifetime pondering … makes perfect sense in all the details. It’s funny though, how we so easily get ourselves lost in the details …occupy our own occupation of self … thank you so much for your thoughts XX

      1. I agree. We get lost in the details of “ordinary everyday life” that is falsely measured by the past and what we “don’t have,” when it should be measured by the things we do for others and the happiness they exude in the lives others, including ourselves, because all people in our lives are a part of us, just as we may be a part of theirs, like overlapping little universes whose own worlds may absorb the creative beauty we have passed on. That’s a better measure of success. 🙂 Thanks for responding. Appreciate it.

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