Zen Shit & The Home Boy

Universal Words From The Street

What do you get when an Aussie Zen Gypsy Nomad Princess crosses paths with a South Side Chicagoan exiled to Schenectady, NY?

Words. Squirmy words dipped into poetry and pinned down onto postcards scattered throughout the world.

Words Elizabeth meditated on, chanted over, and transformed into physical being.

Words Donna salvaged out of the trash and rinsed off before using.

ZEN SHIT AND THE HOMEBOY is a compilation of poems sent out as part of the August Postcard Poetry Fest.

Meet Elizabeth and Donna, these two quirky souls met by chance (not by chance) over postcards exchanged in the annual August Postcard Poetry Festival. In between festival times they have built a unique friendship built upon poems, philosophies, and insane bits of nonsense. They wouldn’t have it any other way.

ZEN SHIT AND THE HOMEBOY is one of the odd results of this whacky friendship. Both Elizabeth and Donna are still in recovery (from each other).

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From flitting through the universe to questioning the word on the street ‘Zen Shit & The Home Boy’ is an extravaganza of life form many angles.

Dangerous Donna Dakota and Elizabeth Woods aka KWP are a vibrant pair who seemed to have knocked heads when fighting over the last shot of saké.

Dakota likes to pierce needles in any balloon directing Woods skyward, while Woods searches the downtown streets for Dakota who is usually holed up in Home Boy’s bar.

This is a delightful compilation of ‘Call and Response’ poems, shared by two unique poets who reside on opposite sides of the world. Each and every poem will set the mind in new direction of motion and cause one to sit back and consider another saké.

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