Love And Menace

Life itself can be a menace
are you ready to welcome death?

Death can be a menace,
if you have just learnt how to live.

The path is not easy,
the road is not clear,
questions outnumber answers,
we all learn too little to late
to bathe in that which binds us.

You acknowledged my existence
there – always there.

You bought a gift of conflict to the already
ravaging fire.
Sparks ignited,
flames promised to
flare into catastrophe.
Each begged to latch on to
my burning existence.

Drown me in your fire.

No matter the commotion,
your love sparks new life.

Confusion rallies like
an over-run protest.
Your abundance of thought
is a cascading river in
the rainforest
after a downpour
leaving me to question,
the presence of vitality.

No matter the confusion,
your love is a
hit of heroin
bought off the streets,
dirty enough my body recoils like
a fish out of water
yet strong enough
to comatose me – in you.

Day to day can be easy
if you play by the rules.
But in that ease
I cannot feel the love
siphoning into my heart
like whiskey to an unsuspecting liver.

Organs drenched in whiskey,
I learn to feel.

Death to soon.
Wretched incapacity for reversal.
Death, like life, is a menace.

Who gets the final words
me, or death?

You are the energy
tarting with a spark
before adding kindling
igniting fire to my life.

Without your spark
where would I be?
You made me burn for
this existence,
taught me how to live without regret
to know without ever knowing
to be – just because I can.

Most of all,
you dragged me away from the menace
deliberately hanging around
in an odour of dead flesh
on a hot day in the Sahara.
You dragged me away
and drenched me in love.

Then, stripping me bare,
you cast no dispersions.
‘It’s okay,’ you said releasing me
as I tried mightily to cling to all that was left –
the essence of you.

Naked of me, floating alone in the universe,
nothing left except self, confronting self.

A spark big enough to ignite new life.
I bathed in that spark,
wrapping myself in the familiarity
buoying myself along in what was always there.

Your relentless love.

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