Lose Yourself with @bizarredoctor

Need to get your mind off the banal? Need to remind yourself that life isn’t about just turning one daily page to the next? Need to get creative or just focus on the seemingly unfathomable?

Or do you just want to spend some time scrolling through a feed that doesn’t want to sell you something but perhaps does want to, quite consciously, kick you out of your comfort zone.

Welcome to the incredible world of @bizarredoctor. A place where the ordinary has no home and minds of the creative burst onto trajectories not yet founded. A place or originality and divine.

@bizarredoctor has curated for all of us, in his instagram feed, something quite magical.

Don’t force to check out the videos too.

Protection of My House
Snail Mail
Tarantula Tattoo Madness
Do it yourself wife
Don’t take your eyes off the TV
What’s new pussycat?
Bug Eyed

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