Leaving The Iron Curtain Thaddeus Finds His Passion

When a person spends their life living in a certain kind of freedom it is easy to become jaded to the exact realities of another’s prisons.

I recently had a conversation with Poet Thaddeus Hutyra, one of the first things he had said was that after having travelled and lived in many countries the planet over, his dream was to finally settle in the Land of Dreams —America. I was quick to point out that having been to America in recent times and casting my own opinions over the reflections I saw there and witness on the news and all over the internet each day about the country, that perhaps, America is no longer the destination that a person should seek out as their saviour (Apologies Americans).13250495_10207699222617482_770432746_n

Thaddeus quickly clarified. He said, ‘Yes, dear Elizabeth but … you have not been born in a communist country, it’s a difference …’

And of course he’s right, I personally believe I have grown up in the land of opportunity in Australia. An island displaced far enough away from the rest of the world, we can often be happily forgotten. Not so for Thaddeus who was born in Poland at a time when communism still had a stronghold and knowing real freedom was something learnt in only textbooks. Since leaving Poland Thaddeus has stockpiled many an experience, all of them adding to his recent acquisition of the love of writing poetry.

Speaking with Thaddeus has been a great reminder to me that we all have unique eyes in which we see the world. If we choose to listen and understand through another’s experiences, we may yet have a possibility of sharing life’s freedoms in unity.

We need to get to know you, Thaddeus, tell us of yourself.

Right this minute, besides talking to you, I am just waiting for my niece who is coming late tonight back home with her boyfriend from their trip to Majorca.

Tomorrow around nine am I depart Zurich, Switzerland for Antwerp, Belgium.

Today I have been tramping up and down a mountain Rigi Klum, Switzerland. It is possible to enjoy there a cable car and a tram all the way to the top. I was surprised to see many tourists from the Far East enjoying this attraction.

For me, I prefer to use my own legs! 

I have noticed how everything is very expensive in Switzerland —even the parking prices.

But I guess that is not what you are asking. That is me right now, the journey I have taken to be right here is this.

Thaddeus Hutyra is born in Poland at the time communism still have had a firm grip on life there. This is one of the reasons why I always so yearned to have my own personal freedom but more so to crash the Iron Curtain down and let all the people enjoy freedoms.

I started my studies of history in Poland, but due to the hardships there as well always feeling trapped in my own home, I decided to interrupt my study and leave the country, possibly for good. These days Poland is a free country and part of the European Union, but I feel I am a changed person who no longer fits the Polish environment. I have become a global citizen, living in New Zealand and Belgium,  the latter destination in now my primary permanent place of residence. I have had a number of my own business enterprises, most recently having a shop, and writing poetry in English and prose in Polish, also enjoying culture in widest meaning.

You travelled all the way to New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere (that’s where I am down there), then found your way right back North to Belgium? Why Belgium?

Thaddeus with Kris Peeters, Belgium Deputy Prime Minister

Coming to Belgium, was in fact, accidental. As I said earlier I had yearned to live in  the free world. My brother got to know a Belgian friend of Flemish descent in China. My family visited Belgium with him and we ended up buying a house. Earlier we had considered any place in Western Europe, including the United Kingdom, France and Germany.  Coming to Belgium was really accidental. And … final.

You have found your home in Belgium, nice to hear, I guess this is when you started to settle and find the time to discover poetry?

Just like finding Belgium as my home, I found poetry by accident too.

One of my friends on Facebook invited me to one poetry forum and found I enjoyed reading other people’s words, since then I have written my own poems regularly. If I hadn’t been invited to that poetry forum I would not be busy with writing poetry. Perhaps I would still continue my activity with human rights issues with more vigour. I find the  two, poetry and human rights, go hand in hand.

How has your life played a theme in your poetry works?

My inspiration came mainly from my desire to express myself  but firstly from my desire to ‘fight’ for freedoms. This world is still far away from being really free. Dictatorships are spread like mushrooms after the rain, too many countries do not have yet authentic separation of powers nor separation of religion and state. Women are mistreated in too many countries, and the war machinery is still having ‘good’ times as ever before.  Not really the best of humanity.

Then came other inspirations… Just like everything in life, my poetry too, changes, my latest poetry book is different to the earlier published works. This time round, the ‘freedoms issues’ have been subtly replaced to ‘romance and love’ issues. My latest work is a purely romantic book.

You have gone full circle then, to first of all write for freedoms and now swing over to Romantic. You must be in a good place in life right now. Tell me, when you are gone and all that is left is the essence of who you were, how would you like to be remembered?

I would like to be remembered for is my fairness to people and dedication to freedom in every corner of the world. Freedom is the fruit that spreads everything people and the world need.

Thaddeus Hutyra Poetry

Love is Forever !

Have you seen the eagle
slowing down its fly
pirouetting down
to catch its prey ?

It’s me O’lover
for love is forever !

They say
you are a dangerous woman
and I say
you are my babe.

Don’t let me down, O’lover
for I am yours

Notarial papers signed
Love stuff is my Church
you are my virgin
even in the wildest wilderness
under dark sky paradise!

Love is the mission
I shall never abandon
Just crash my party
with your crazy eyes
and wild love !

O’lover, my lover
for love is forever !

Do you remember that first time
somewhere there on a beach
at dusk night, twilight one ?
All the demons rushed away
and we were left alone
two eagles
crowned by the stars !

Oblivion is not our fate
nor any tears
for our love
is forever, O’lover !

Dancer of Light

I am a dancer, one of light
dancing on its invisible strings
spider’s web alike.

A dancer and a lover
bringing onto this dance floor
the one I love.

Tides of the Universe
are our song
The fields of stars
our erotic adventure.
Sparks of the light
are our joy
Sparks out of the Sun
our homecoming.

I am a dancer, one of light
and you my princess
in the embrace of my arms.

Our vow is scribbled
in eternal, scarlet blood
pouring from our hearts.

And so I am your dancer, one for life
and that’s my vow !
Never ever shall we part
for our hearts
have found destiny
in you and me, O’lover !

Tidal Interconnections

Tides of love, tides of the Universe
are like two starships of a cosmic correlation,
one of love across one’s love affairs
and another one across the oceans of the Universe.

Both are complementing one another,
bringing love to eternity although seemingly gone with the wind.
The tides of the oceans of the Universe
continue to flow and flow in symphonic ways
remembering the love that gave them rise.

What is most bewildering is
that both, the tides of love and tides of the Universe
remain immortal, in all the shine of the stars
both the poles like the northern and southern poles of Earth.

Love are the tides of the ocean, flowing on and flowing on
caressing love in all manners lovers do
til their orgasms make of it all a sudden display
of the tides upon tides, upon tides, the ocean’s of love tides.

The Universe are the tides of the oceans of the Universe.
Lordly, on the scale of the parallel universes
the tides upon tides that only the Lord can see
sailing it all what is there in the Universe.

Love thus and the Universe are the final crossroads
for all things of the godlike and human dimensions,
both intertwined in the immortal tides of their oceans
both destined forever like the never-ending tides of their oceans,
tides upon tides, upon tides, till the infinity.

Here you are, my dear, here, in my arms
love flowing from you to me, from me to you
the tides of love that embrace us both
as we both embrace one another.

Here you are, my dear, in my heart
as I am wholeheartedly in your own
making love, softly, in the gentle breezes of the wind
hearing the tides of the nearby ocean.

– ‘ I love you so much, I love you … ‘ – we whisper.
gently pulling our naked bodies to each other

The words we are whispering sounding like an orchestra
flying then to the shoreline, taken away by the ocean’s tides.

Thaddeus has been very busy writing and publishing his poetry. You can check out his works here.

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  1. Thadeus Hyutra is a phenomenal poetry writer. He has a great writing platform that i enjoy writing on. I enjoy it & appreciate it so much that. I have written a poetry book my self, thats in the process of completion as we speak. I’ve included Thaddeus Hyutra in my credit’s of inspiration. So on that. Note im in appreciation of your writing site as well.

    1. That’s very nice Jeff … It’s all about appreciating the qualities each of us as human beings bring to the table X

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