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Every so often, if your eyes are wide and you are listening with your heart, you can walk right into the mind of another and find a sweet paradise of their own personal inners.  It’s their essence, that which make’s their heart beat a little bolder as the tear back the shackles and explore this thing called life.

That’s what happened when @driblets_of_poetry ‘liked’ some words I threw up on my own Instagram account. When I saw her username I jumped right over to her account and was comforted within a euphony of harmony.

Following is the short ‘driblet-poem’ that grabbed my soul and pulled at my heartstrings;


Besides the fact that Anukamps Sharma is a writer and poet, as well as being on a self-confessed journey of self-exploration, I managed to find this, written by the poet herself;

Lessons Learned In Grandma’s Kitchen

I write about preserving life,  like bottled up marmalades in my grandma’s kitchen, preserving every speck of the spices and oil from the older jars and pouring them in new ones ( because they turned out good and promising) . I write about savoring every flavour, like the pickles my grandma prepared,  mango lemon, Indian gooseberry, carrots, cauliflowers.
I write about this.
Because I had been in a  place where I broke all the jars and the bottles and let the jams and marmalades run down the drain. I hungered myself for days and repressed my tongue buds.
But later I went back to lick the remnants from the broken jars. And I cried for the mess I made, and choked over my cataclysmic ways.
Then I realised, remembering  my grandma’s lesson of patience with the pickled mangoes,  they don’t always turn out the way you want them to, let them dry a bit more in sun,  let the moisture fly away, make sure to have them all, nigella, fennel and fenugreek,  mix the spices well, let it dry,  let it take form,  let it rest a while in sun.  A little patience, dear, and they give you  good piquant winks for a year or two.

Grandma is no more but the flavour of her jams and pickles, specially the mango one,  still dances on the tip of my tongue.

And I write about preserving and savouring. I write about patience and enduring. I write about self-loving and learning.

– Anukampa Sharma


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I encourage you to take a stroll through @driblets_of_poetry Instagram account. For myself, it was a most gratifying find, I am going to see if I might be able to get a hold of her myself for a nice long chat.

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