Finding Your Real Self Again Through A World Of Sobriety

In a world of travel to bright lights, different cultures and lots of beer, it is easy to get caught up in the revelry of drinking with your peers. Not so for Philip Muls who has just released his anticipated book, ‘Mind On Fire’. With a cocktail (pardon the pun) of travel stories, engaging interfaces with his shrink and deep introspection, Mind On Fire is the go to book today for some real time lessons on how to cope with life after alcohol.

“The point of ‘Mind On Fire’ is that, during recovery, compulsive thinking and rumination is unavoidable, and I wanted to give guidance on how to overcome that.”

Recovery comes in stages. One of the early stages is to stop fighting with yourself and admit, ‘yes I have a problem’. Once you get past that and go through the various steps to sobriety, the world should be your oyster. Problem is, that space that used to be filled by alcohol is still there. It’s demanding attention. How can this space be filled so a relapse won’t occur?

Author of ‘Mind On Fire’, Philip Muls found himself asking this very question as he emerged into the clear thinking world of sobriety. Alcohol had served for years as a way of ‘dimming the lights’ on reality, but now, without drink, the lights were on, shining brightly and demanding many of life’s questions be answered.

Mind On Fire is a courageous personal memoir depicted in short episodes of Philip’s life after addiction. With the help of his therapist he navigates his way through the simple but complex question, ‘What’s next?’

Inspired by Eckart Tolle and Michael Singer, who’s writings advocate ‘watch the thinker in you’, Philip’s sobriety led him into a personal quest of finding the true meaning of life.

Having beaten his way past the physical symptoms of withdrawal the next step was moving past the psychological. ‘Mind On Fire’ sees Philip trace his every step during the first eighteen months of his recovery. He offers the reader inspiring personal insights to the new world of sobriety and all of the challenges that come with it.

Philip travels the world as a Senior Business Executive for the best part of the year and in doing so he weaves his life-changing experiences into the pages of Mind On Fire. His stories come alive as we meet ordinary people from India, Bangkok and across Asia who, without even knowing it, help Philip to see and understand the world with new eyes.

I asked Philip,

How have your travels complimented (or not) your recovery?

‘It was as if by traveling, things were set in motion within me. My body, mind and especially my ‘soul’, activated deeper instincts and intuition from within.’

It is not unusual for people run as fast as they can to the bookstore for the latest self-help book. Philip, took a different route. The streets of the world were his study zone. The streets of big cities across Asia are where he began his case study on himself. The lessons learned will be discovered in a truthful exposition of Philip’s personal journey in Mind On Fire.

‘To live and breathe life through experiences goes much further to help you understand not only your addiction free self, but understand how to deal with yourself in life at the most human level.’

‘Mind On Fire’, is a not only one man’s case study on himself, it is a timely reminder for all humans -simple connection through human interaction can bring about the change in which we all may be searching for and realising it was there for the taking all along.

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