Day Fourteen – Sleepy San Christobel

The plan was a beach day, but waking to an overcast and drizzly day was not enhancing the idea from the previous night. So instead the day started with a walk around San Christobel.

The town is sleep at seven am. Then again it sleeps around siesta time. These guys have got life worked out.

Criss-crossing through the streets the image portrayed through my eyes is one of relaxed day by day existence. Kids go to school early and arrive back home in time for lunch. Restaurants are near overrun with crowds of people (although we are not in high season yet). Most tourists go out for the day on boat tours, so the leftover wait for the evening, when everything really starts to awaken.

After finding the most delectable blackberry milkshake to be found on earth the day before, Mali and I headed back for another. Why not?

The afternoon was spent walking to and from Los Loberia. Out past the airport, next to a mine (a mine in The Galapagos?) down a long road, onto a path we are plonked onto yet another sea lion filled beach. So many babies on this one. So many very newborn babies on Los Loberia. Even managed to see a mama sea lion eating her placenta after just pushing a new little one into the world.


There were many Frigate birds taking it in turns to dive and grab chunks of other abandoned placenta.
It was still overcast, but passing up the option to snorkel with the nature of Galapagos was too good to pass up. The water was freezing in patches, it was warm in patches too. The consistency never lasted. I managed to get acquainted with a sea turtle, a couple of sea lions and many fish of the Los Loberia shallows.

Dinner consisted of an Island delicacy ‘Brujo’ a fish which is fried and delivered with the usual rice and hot chips.

Last night in the Galapagos for the foreseeable future – woah mama.

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