Day 53 – O Circuit, Torres Del Paine, Paine Grande – Day 5

Opting to get up and leave before the most of the other hikers we get out of Campemento Grey nice and early (again). Today is a shooter hike, only 12 kilometres. We walk up and up along a mountain ridge for two hours. The ridge is once again very windy. This time though the wind whips at our heels pushing us along quicker than when it whacks and beats across our faces.

Looking over our shoulder we say goodbye to Grey Glacier, ahh, she’s such a beauty. Looking forward we are greeted with lakes. As I walk I am reminded of trekking around the Lakes District in England all theses years ago. The rainy weather goes hand in hand with it too.


We pass a lake with water deep blue like the ocean, the next we pass is Aqua marine. Soon enough we find ourselves on the pebbles shores of a crystal clear lake. Being in that spot right then, with the light rain, the still lake, the snow-capped mountains in the background with lush green vegetation in every direction is surreal. This kind of beauty is a blessing and one we should never take for granted. But then, beauty I everywhere if we look hard enough.

Our next campsite, Paine Grande is a welcome site. Although we only trekked 12 kilometres today, it’s the elements, right up in your face, all the time, relentlessly reminding us they are there that can wear you out.

Paine Grande is known to be a campsite of extremely high winds. We take care to erect our tents and prepare mindfully for a long night ahead. We notice other tents not faring too well in the conditions. I’m happy to say our Aussie made MONT tents stand this test with ease.

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