Day 28, Quito Town, Most Dangerous. Really?

When talking to travellers en route Quito is a conversation stopping point. By that I mean, faces tighten, breath is held and a recounting of bed experiences prevail.

Quito has a reputation of being quite a dangerous city for travellers in terms of pickpockets, getting robbed and being drugged.

With all of the lead up stories going into Quito it is hard not to walk through the streets (with my shiny new hair) clutching bag tightly and continually looking over my shoulder.

We had no bothers at all in Quito, sometimes I think travellers may protect themselves as easy targets – I have often wondered about this.

Quito town is filled with narrow streets leading onto larger squares. The larger squares are filled with with beautiful buildings such as The Presidential Palace, Churches on every corner spanning years of old and new architectural history.

Not a pickpocket in sight.

Old Quito

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