Day 20 – Day One Quilitoa Loop, Ecuador

Today is the first day of our first trek, the Quilotoa Loop. It’s not actually a loop. We do however weave our way through canyons and mountains in the Andes of Ecuador to reach our final destination of Quilitoa. 

We decide to catch an Uber to our starting town called Sigchos. It takes around an hour and a half. There is a local bus, but we are strapped for time so why not just get there. 

Are arriving in Sigchos we eat breakfast for energy before heading off into the hills. Mali was thrilled at the eggs only option. 

Navigating our way out of the small town we discover the first of many signs to get us on our way. The Quilitoa Loop is renowned for trekkers getting lost way too easily. In the first hour, we missed a slight left and headed the wrong way up a hill, we were no exception to the rule of getting lost it seems.

The track was a mix of dirt road and dirt paths. As will all trekking in the higher regions, it was a lot of up and down and I began to wonder what the heck I put in my pack to make it so damn heavy. 

Mali, of course, was jumping up the hills. Walking on his toes, engaging his calves, he made the whole thing look like child’s play.

Day one, the weather was fine to start out, but then as the morning wore on, the clouds began to hug the mountains and it soon bagged to look like rain. We hiked just over four hours on day one and were blessed with sightings of cows, pigs, farmyards many dogs and lovely locals. 

Arriving at our hostel we all had meagre hot showers before we went to explore the tiny town called Isinlivi. By tiny, I mean tiny. 

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