Day 19 – The Roar of El Painlo De Diablo and More

Off the the giant swings in the cloud this morning. A great little side trip to the top of the mountain about 14km south Of Baños. I am so happy we decided to chance driving in Ecuador and get a hire car. Just makes it so easy to get around.

The Giant Swings were great, even if they did leave me feeling a little queasy. Soon though, on our next excursion the queasiness was left behind as we soared though canopies, across valleys and rivers.

We were Zip Lining.

My initial fears were soon forgotten as I flew through the sky on my first line. Wow! How free as a bird you feel just darting through the sky.

Five more lines and building up to 550mtrs. Mali took two trips upside down. We managed the Superman style and all came away feeling on top of the world.

Next stop, back to El Painlo De Diablo – this time we’d view the gushing with force waterfall from the other side. I’m so glad we did. Incredible power. Rainbows in the sunlight. We all got wet. Fabulous.

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