A Mother’s Words For Her Sons

If I could give you the world,
then the world I would give,
but -the world ain’t mine to own,
Instead, I offer freedoms to live.

I do not possess all the answers,
yet I strive to understand,
to show you to live and love and
stand up for your fellow man.

I am your mother
yet only a guide,
your lessons are yours,
they will be varied and wide.

Words I can offer –
You must choose your own path,
hold your head high
and remember to laugh!

Life isn’t about
needing to be right.
It’s about living and learning and
keeping passions alight.

Face up to your falsities
be honest with you,
understand your own being,
then you shall see all that is true.

Never be afraid to
laugh at your own being,
when you look in the mirror
recognise who you are seeing.

Do not speak ill of others,
for we all have travelled far to be here,
we all have our histories,
we all have our fears.

Let go of doubt,
know that it only exists,
when you choose not to believe,
it’s only you that resists.

Deflate your big ego,
it shan’t carry you far
for it is the humble man
who learns to talk with the stars.

Evaluate your morals,
your ethics, your virtues
you know in your heart
which paths chosen can hurt you.

Whatever it is,
you choose to peruse,
don’t do it for money,
Just do it for you.

Love yourself dearly,
accept all your flaws,
I have not met with perfection –
but listen when your soul calls.

Choose to offer love,
to those who enter your life,
don’t judge or criticize others –
accept with your mightiest might.

Try to understand
why it is necessary to choose good.
Like attracts like –
in this world ‘good would if it could’.

Ask yourself to understand
truth into eternity and deeper.
Let yourself awaken to life,
love will be your keeper.

You mustn’t be saddened,
when your parents are gone,
for, within all eternity
we’ve been together all along.

Words that I speak,
you learnt long ago,
’tis but a simple reminder,
in this life’s little show.

Go out in the world,
find your own light,
loose sight of all boundaries,
remember your plight.

Within the moments that pass,
the answers shine true.
Know that nothing really matters,
except collecting moments for you …

2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Words For Her Sons”

  1. Great advice from an open-minded mother. Children would be wise to heed these truths,spoken from life’s lived experience. Well written and I truly relate to the sentiments. I have attempted to pass this same kind of wisdom on to my own children. I do believe some of it sank in! 🙂

    1. Hey C. Steven … Cheers for the read … Ahh we can only try our very very best … And then some X LOVE XxX

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