Our Last Teardrop … For You

it was a naive mistake 

trying in vain to push away the pain

 – of you


the memory of you re-enter’s too easily within ….

a lyric sung, only for us 

a photo encapsulating purest devotion

the aroma of you brewing fresh coffee in the morning 

a glimpse of receding sun, ’no sunset is the same’ you said

fabric brushing against my skin, you always were so close

the indulgent taste of our favourite desert shared one-spoon

it is all too easy to think of you

tightness grasps my inner 

encapsulating my outer 

thinking of you


desperate to escape the dark halls 

that were once so brightly illuminated

next to you

a familiar wetness in my eyes

last one, last one

I shall allow you this one last tear 

I promise you, last one 

our love was like a waterfall after the monsoon

your tear cascades away leaving my vision

I inhaled your sweet affections 

now acridity greets my every turn 

as the liquid pearl runs down my nose

like the desert winds combining 

our essence intertwined in a unity returning us home

the sands of time have deemed me empty and barren

as the salty-drop etches across my desolate unkissed cheek 

your kisses! Oh!

the touch, the taste, the longing,

manna from heaven 

a cornucopia 

you said ‘I am here to satiate you’ 

you never did 

you always left me begging for more

…. of you

as the tiny bead of sadness crosses my lips 

you taught me how to view life with a child’s eyes

to sing, to laugh, to joke with life

introducing me to 

a new wonderment with each passing moment 

I sense your infectious smile 

it warms my now unused heart 

as the last morsel of you journeys across the flesh on my chin 

just like when you traversed across my body 

teaching a rare, unmasked devotion 

not many experience that place, the higher plane, together

a privileged gift between us  

a burst 

an explosion 

a momentary unity 

you, me and the everywhen 

… nothing was ever meant to last

the night breeze greets my face 

allowing me to I trace the trail of your tear 

our brief twinkling of love 

in a world that only moves forward 

I wait, feel 

time to accept the all 

thank you for your time with me 

you reminded me to grow

now it’s time for me to let you go 

and in our final exhale  

your tear …..drops

and now I say ‘goodbye my love’ 

We love to hear back from you ...