Instafind – For the Curious

The @thecollageempire you won’t find only awesome collages. You will however find curious pictures and videos that prompt the mind. To what? Prompt the mind to do what? Well the mind firstly has to assess what is being presented and when done so it has to formulate ideas about its own interpretation of the seen. […]


Day 29, Amazon Bound

Well, this was one heck of a day. Jumping out of bed at 2:30 am to be at Quito’s main airport by 4:00 am to jump on a flight to Bogota and then jump on another flight to Leticia. Even though we were all somewhat travel-weary, we were happy to board the plane for a […]


At what point can women feel comfortable to say ‘fuck off and let me work’ without a fear of retribution?

Day 27 – Quito Darling Here We Come

It’s an up late kind of day, by that I mean, seven thirty. There were a couple of Toucan sightings, but to be honest, because they don’t want to play the game, I tire of their non-compliant attitudes. We are off to the big city of Quito today. Leaving late we exit though the windy […]

Day 26 – Up In The Cloud Forest Called Mindo

Not much planned for the day, but the musings of everyday life in another country is always set to grab the mind and spin it in a new direction. Mindo, is a sleepy town. It wakes around 1:00pm. This means we get to go hang out with the birds early in the morning. The hummingbirds […]

Day 19 – The Roar of El Painlo De Diablo and More

Off the the giant swings in the cloud this morning. A great little side trip to the top of the mountain about 14km south Of Baños. I am so happy we decided to chance driving in Ecuador and get a hire car. Just makes it so easy to get around. The Giant Swings were great, […]

Day 18 – Baños, Here We Come

We wake early, it’s a natural body clock thing me thinks. Take a quick walk around Riobamba. It’s a town of 250,000. Our guide from yesterday told us, the current government for the town are not at all pro-active and therefore there seems to be no new infrastructure, no positive plans to move forward as […]

Day 17 – Hello Chimborazo You Majestic Volcano

We get to Riobamba late afternoon. First thing, see if we can organise a mountain biking trip down Chimborazo Volcano. It doesn’t look good seeings that it is late Sunday evening.  As luck would have it, as it usually does. We found ProCycles was open so we hot tailed our way over to them quick […]